T-Shirt Cannon Robot Design and Build

As the design captain of FRC team #4946 I have made sure that our design team has been hard at work meeting three times a week to practice our skills, discuss design strategies, and put systems in place to better optimize our design during the season.

With the instruction of mentors and senior students, our junior members have been using this time to learn and get familiar with the CAD software and related design principles. Additionally, many of our senior team members and myself have been working to fully design a T-Shirt Cannon Robot. This T-Shirt Cannon Robot is not just for practice though, once it is built it will be available to use for school and community events to promote our team by firing T-shirts! We have incorporated tires into the design so that it can be used indoors and outdoors. I am quite proud of how it turned out, and it has given us a great opportunity to practice and teach some of our newer members.


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