Gold Medal Awarded at the Peel Technological Skills Challenge for Mechanical CAD

This year I once again had the honour of participating in the annual Peel Skills Technical Challenge, a competition where representatives from each school are sent to compete in various technical events. I was selected to represent my school for Mechanical CAD where I would have an opportunity to demonstrate my proficiency for a 6-hour duration after which I would be judged against my fellow competitors.

This year I one-uped my last year’s performance with a 1st place finish and was awarded a Gold Medal! The challenge was as difficult as ever and it was even stated that we were provided with more than we could ever hope to finish in the given time. Competitors were to demonstrate an ability to gather dimensions and model our parts from a physical 3D printed part as well as from technical drawings and then use that information to produce our own technical drawings.

Frist Place, Gold Medal Peel Skills Mechanical CAD Challenge

Frist Place, Gold Medal Peel Skills Mechanical CAD Challenge

The quality and quantity of drawings completed would be taken into account when judging, and so the competitors must be quick to complete as many of the parts as possible in the given time. I am proud of my achievement and happy to say that based on all these criteria I was awarded the Gold medal. This qualifies me to compete at the next level, “Ontario Skills Competition” this year.

Below are just a few of the drawings and animations from this year’s competition. 

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